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Tuesdays & Fridays 9:30 - 11:30am ET 

Join us for writing or journaling on whatever project you are working on. We will do together what is often hard to do alone.


We start out by telling everyone what we’ll be working on that day, break half-way through, and wrap up each session by going around the circle and talking about how the writing went.


There’s something magical about the mix of structure, companionship, and devotion. Will you join us? Contact me for the Zoom link!

Praise for Amy's Celebration of Joy writing circle:

"I love these joy writing classes! They feel spacious, warm, and organized at the same time. Wonderful!" —Elizabeth M.

"This weekly focus on joy was a true delight! I loved meeting other women and sharing the safe, warm, inclusive space that Amy created. And we created, too—writing from interesting and helpful prompts that explored many facets of joy. In such trying times, it was a welcome and healing hour of relief in my week."  — Julie Paul


Micro-Memoir Workshop.png

Here is what we’ll be doing together over the 5 week course: 


  • Identify moments from our lives that have power and depth
  • Explore how not knowing can be as interesting as the facts
  • Discover craft elements that make strong micro-memoir
  • Read and learn from a variety of multicultural authors
  • Address our writing fears and try routines that work for us
  • Use constraints of time and word count to ignite creativity
  • Receive feedback that centers the writer's goals (not the tastes of others)
  • Find out how and where to get our work out into the world, 
​        and
  • Have fun writing and being together!


Experience the power of writing to illuminate, honor, and give meaning to the winding path of our lives. Read more

“I recommend the writing retreat to anyone, writers and those who don’t consider themselves writers. You will uncover so much about yourself, which was hiding in plain sight, and be invigorated and inspired to push your writing to greater heights. I cannot say enough good things about my experience!!"  
— Twinckle V.


"Beautiful weekend with thoughtful and meaningful writing exercises, alone and in small pairings.

Nourishing moments with others in all different phases of life experiences.

Delicious meals and lovely friendships.

Loads of synchronicities and lots of releasing.

So very grateful for the powerful experience Amy and Pleasance, thank you."  — Melissa Stetz


“The writing retreat Uncovering Our Stories nourished both my soul and my body. I explored my interior world through writing, sharing, and listening, and treated my body to yoga, walks, dancing and delicious food. Amy’s and Pleasance’s facilitation created a safe space where I was able to express my vulnerability and be a supportive witness as others expressed theirs. I came away with a new community and with new ideas for self-exploration that I can take forward on my person journey.”  — Jeannie Crist


"A retreat in the truest meaning of the word. Restorative, meditative, transformational. Thanks to Amy's magical ways, I found my creative soul again."  — Atsuko

Experience the power of writing to illuminate, honor, and give meaning to the winding path of our lives. Read more

Wednesdays 12-1 pm EST      February 16 - March 23, 2022

Let's wrap up winter and welcome spring together as we explore what it means to experience joy in all its different forms.

Each week we’ll explore a different type of joy by writing together on a suggested prompt or question, optional sharing of our writing or our experience writing, and simple at-home writing exercises designed to help us notice and celebrate joy in our day-to-day lives.


While not intended to produce finished pieces, resources will be offered at the end for anyone wanting to take their writing further. Hosted on Zoom.

"When I saw Amy’s invitation to spend one hour a day with joy for six weeks, it was like a postcard a poet friend sent to many of us at the beginning of the pandemic, “You are not alone.” I am so glad I said yes. And so grateful for the assembly of people, ideas, music, and exercises Amy curated and created. It was perfect! This will be one of those moments I will reference as a pivot point, a reminder of all things I love about life and human-ness."  —Theresa P.

"Amy’s Joy Zoom class was a new beginning for me. It opened my eyes to the joy I still have in my life and introduced me to creative and amazing women. The format was perfect: a warm-up question about how we felt, some writing exercises, sharing our writing and closing with reinforcement of what we are thankful for. It was an hour of positive feelings and joyful expression!"  —Christine Vanderberg

Mondays 6:30-7:00 am EST on Zoom     July 12 - Aug 16, 2021

Writing about deeply felt personal experiences can be extremely therapeutic. Not only does the act of translating our experiences into words release pent-up feelings, but it can also help us gain valuable insights in our lives and express the creativity inherent in every one of us.


Hosted by the LOLA Community, at the intersection of spirit, ritual, cycles, justice & well-being.

"I really appreciated the thoughtful, compassionate, and calm way in which Amy led the group,
how she commented on each part
icipant’s contribution, making them feel validated in their feelings, heard, and appreciated." Silvia 

"I’m grateful for this workshop, because each of us were inspired in our way to share our joy and the things that light us up, which then has a ripple effect on the people in our lives." Lindy

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