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Are you longing to spend more time on your art or hobby? Do you have unfinished creative work? Could you use the support and encouragement of someone who cares about you and your projects and wants to see you thrive? 

Allow me to be your creativity companion


I know how lonely the creative process can be and how inner and outer obstacles can get in the way. I also know how energizing it can feel to have someone supporting you, caring about what you are doing, checking in on you, and cheering you on.


My Story.  For many years I longed to write personal essays, but I struggled with avoidance and procrastination. Able to write only when I was assigned homework by a workshop teacher, I lacked the confidence and steadiness to do what I really loved. 


Over time, I began to be able to work on my own, but I was still afraid to share my writing. During the pandemic, poems and essays tumbled out of me like an undammed river, and I sent them to the world as soon as they were written.

When things got bak to normal and I returned to my memoir, the old blockages returned. So I started observing myself and investigating the inner workings of the creative process in my blog Tending the Creative Garden. I found and continue to discover methods and practices that calm creative anxiety, provide accountability and structure, and that tap into my strengths so that I can do what I love most: write. 

Inspired by the desire to share what I'd learned and help others, in 2022 I trained to be a creativity coach with renowned psychologist and creativity expert Eric Maisel. I also began facilitating retreats, leading writing circles, and hosting co-writing sessions. I love to write and I equally love supporting others along the messy beautiful road of creative expression.

"Amy's coaching empowered me to take my writing seriously and make it a priority in my life. Amy drew out the goals I had half-heartedly pursued on my own and helped me build strategies to achieve them--today!"

- Amy Nicholson - 

If you are interested in boosting your creative life — whether you want to write, paint, dance, take pictures, sing, compose, or something else — I can help you:

  • develop your thoughts and feelings into creative projects that are meaningful to you

  • tune into your own inner wisdom

  • understand creative blocks that are standing in the way

  • find practices, tools, and habits that support your creative flourishing


How does it work? We meet for 60 minutes (on Zoom or in-person in D.C.) to talk about your creative goals. I provide accountability, encouragement, ideas, and steady companionship in your creative journey.
You decide how often we meet — once a week, once every
two weeks, or once a month.


In between sessions, I'll check in on you to see how you are doing. We meet again, adjust objectives as necessary, and continue the journey together for as long as you need support.

Interested, but not sure? Schedule a free 20-minute getting-to-know-you session where we can talk about your creative hopes and dreams.

“If you’re looking to discover, reawaken, or deepen your creative life, Amy is a transformative coach. With her gentle yet persistent style, Amy motivated me by her own example: her discipline and her devotion to her own creative life is nothing short of awe-inspiring. I learned so much from Amy’s generosity in sharing her own process, which in turn illuminated shifts I could make in my own. She gave me tools, checked in with me regularly, and kept me accountable. I felt so accompanied and so supported by Amy, to whom I deeply grateful.”

- Atsuko Horiguchi - 

Ready to get started? Click on a button below to book a single session (or discounted multiple sessions) and I'll contact you to schedule our time together.


If you experience any issues or need more information, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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