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A lot of us live relatively sedentary and predictable lives. Everyday we roll out of bed and putter over the same circuit of roads, the same sidewalk sequence, the same bus loops.

No longer do we roam over continents, hunting and gathering, exploring new lands and meeting new creatures. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and productivity, always smoothing the road to prevent any surprises.

But too much comfort can put us to sleep. Too much safety can be stifling. When we wrap ourselves up with flame-retardant blankets, we can smother our own fire.

When life feels too even and emotions too monotone, our need for stimulation is calling to us — but it may be so muffled that we don’t hear it. And sometimes we don’t want to.

Jumping the track requires effort. And a little risk. If I don’t order my favorite dish, what if I regret it? If I try that canoeing thing, what if I tip over, what if I look weird, what if I hate it? These worries keep us safe, but sometimes push your inner child to join the summer camp you'll end up loving.

To fill your chalice with a fizzy new potion, do something different.

If you normally run for exercise, go sledding. If you normally do yoga, how about Zumba? If you like to go slow, try going fast. If you love to move fast, try slowing it down.

Instead of Top 40, how about Gregorian chants? If you normally eat alone, dine with a friend. If you reward yourself after a job, treat yourself before you start.

Dump your blecky clothes and treasure-hunt in a thrift store. Roll up the rugs and have a dance party. Write someone you admire, ride a tandem bike, join something, quit something, take a class, sleep in late, wake up early.

Surprise yourself. Delight in living. Light up the rainbow inside, and sample the variety the universe has to offer. Risk comfort for the chance to grow and feel the life burgeoning within you.


Brava Amy! After the Covid lockdowns it seems harder to wake up my sluggish self, and force a change. But how energizing when I manage to do it.

Amy Suardi
Amy Suardi
Feb 15, 2022
Replying to

I feel the same! This covid winter has gotten me in a little bit of rut.

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