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Do you have lots of life to record and not enough time to do it? Do you yearn to document thoughts and memories but don’t seem to get around to it? Does the idea of writing a book feel overwhelming?

These are some of the reasons I am increasingly drawn to micro-memoir, and I’d love to share what I’ve been learning about this delightful form.

The brevity of micro-memoir makes it accessible to everyone. In 300 words or less, a lot can be said in a little time. Because each micro is self-contained, they can be appreciated alone or strung together like beads on a necklace. Collections of micro-memoirs are being published these days as memoirs-in-pieces or memoirs-in-fragments.

I love how the word count constraint activates a creative energy that is absent when I have unlimited space. Plus, learning to write tight is a skill that can be applied to all sorts of writing -- business presentations, marketing copy, or social media posts.

I have put together a workshop with the best of what I’ve learned so far. It starts next Thursday, March 7 from 10-11:30 EST and goes for 5 sessions. All sessions will be on Zoom and recorded.

In the workshop, we will write together, read contemporary micro-memoir writers, examine characteristics of micro, and experiment with incorporating those aspects into our own writing. We will share our work in a safe environment with encouraging feedback, and take home assignments to keep the writing fire alive. If you want to submit your work for publication, we’ll also talk about how and where to do that. (I'm told that literary journals are hungry to publish micro!)

Whether you are new to writing or have been at this for a while, I hope you will join me in experimenting with micro-prose in a supportive circle. I know you’ll come away with a lot of new ideas and a notebook bursting with writing!

To register, go to my Events Page. Send any questions to my name @ gmail dot com. I'm looking forward to writing with you!


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